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You own a business and need an extra $10,000 to buy advertising to keep it humming along.  Do you have anyone you can make one call to today that will generate that $10,000 in revenue for you

That is exactly what ITEX can do for you!  ITEX is the nation’s largest trade exchange where account holders can sell their excess time, capacity, inventory, and any other non-performing asset which they may own to fund those extra or additional business and personal needs and desires. 

We are extending an invitation to you to open an ITEX account today! Join the tens of thousands of other business members who have been using ITEX since 1982 to keep the revenue flowing and bills being paid, while conserving the cash their businesses naturally generate.  ITEX in Minnesota is ready, willing and able to help you as we guide you through generating ITEX dollars, your next-generation business currency, that you can spend with other ITEX account holders locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally! 

To learn more just email us at philip.domek@itex.com, and my team will put the information you need in your hands.  ITEX Dollars Work, isn’t time they started working for you? 

Once you realize all the great opportunities we can offer you, click on the Join Now button, complete the short form, and Let's Start Trading!

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